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September 18, 2020 Friday Letter Volume 2, No. 16
Posted 10/12/20

Friday Letter 6.0

09-18-2020 Organizational Update to the Board

     We are proud to present to you transparent, detailed operations reports on a weekly basis. You can read department updates directly from our district leaders in Superintendent Dr. Adam Clark’s weekly Organizational Update to the Board. Here is this week’s Organizational Update to the Board:

Organizational Update

Quiet Goodness

     On a calm, foggy morning, with a full cardboard box under one arm, community member Myriam Roiz showed smiling eyes as she signed in to our central office. Her eighty-year-old brother in Arizona had hand-crafted 32 high-quality face coverings for donating, each with a beautiful cotton pattern and a useful built-in wire for the bridge of the nose. Myriam gave us this gift, then, just as quietly and merrily as she had arrived, she left. There would later be 32 grateful smiles under 32 new masks. 

     Meanwhile, Adair Spence, representing Dublin High School’s book club, “Overbooked,” was on location at Rio Vista Elementary to drop off a gift of precisely 660 new books—a deed that had required the high school club to organize book drives, fundraisers, gift wrapping, grant writing, and local partnerships. With no students on site, the delivery was to a stillness, with only a slight breeze and the gentle ambience of the school office. The club had initially hoped to meet and even read to our students in person, and, although they would not see it, the Rio Vista students enthusiastically received their gifts in the school’s drive-through loop, one family at a time. For our students, there would later be 660 new adventures taken, 660 adventures underscored by the delightful smell of fresh ink and crisp pages. 

     There are truly so many good things happening in our community, and kind deeds have a way of inspiring more of the same, from person to person, from one act to the next. We hope that Myriam and her brother know that their gift did not go unnoticed. We hope that Adair and the students of the Overbooked book club know that their generosity was received with much appreciation. We thank them for the reminder that in hard times, kindness endures, and, that it is often quiet goodness that seems to echo the loudest.

District Leaders to Meet with Governing Board Candidates

     On Tuesday, September 22, at 3:00PM, Superintendent Dr. Adam Clark and his executive cabinet will meet with and present to all candidates for the Governing Board Trustee seats. The objective is to provide a preliminary opportunity for candidates to familiarize themselves with district department roles, responsibilities, challenges, and goals. This meeting will be broadcast live (details posted same-day at and will be recorded for future viewing.

     Subsequently, a Special Board Meeting will be held, featuring a Public Hearing on our 2020-21 Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan. Read the full agenda for the Special Board Meeting here.

Our Partner: The Mount Diablo Black Educators Association

Black Educators AssociationWe are pleased to include this brief self-introduction to our partner, the Mount Diablo Black Educators Association—an organization whose values and actions we align with and sincerely appreciate: 
The Mount Diablo Black Educators Association is a group of black educators that are associated with the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.  We are parents, teachers/staff and community members that connect and collaborate on a regular basis in order to support staff, students, and families for the better well-being of MDUSD as a whole. All are welcome to join the association.

     MDBEA Mindset:

  • Maintain a sense of humor
  • Challenge our assumptions
  • Resist the urge to be cynical
  • Engage in honest conversation
  • Speaking up and avoiding quiet concern

     We believe in equity in action and our goal is to advocate for our students, staff and families.” 

The Mount Diablo Black Educators Association |
Deyango Harris, President | Charisse Segee, Vice President | Julie Grant, Treasurer

Good News: MDUSD Retains High Bond Rating

     Mt. Diablo Unified School District has received a ‘AAA’ rating for our general obligation bonds, and an ‘A’ rating for our Issuer Default Rating. These high ratings represent our continued strong ability to meet our financial commitments, which most recently has been a direct result of our Governing Board's budget solutions initiatives—difficult decisions that allowed us to retain our fiscal solvency. 

Your Public Health Authority Recommends Planning Ahead

     From Contra Costa Health Services, on September 16:  

    With a spooky season approaching and COVID-19 still circulating, Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) advises county residents to show their Halloween spirit this year by doubling down on dress-up and decoration and reducing their risk by avoiding trick-or-treating, haunted houses or big holiday gatherings.

     COVID-19 can easily pass from person to person through close contact, and it’s difficult to maintain a safe distance on porches and doorsteps, especially in neighborhoods where trick or treating is popular.

     Holiday parties involving close contact with people outside the household are also risky spots for catching COVID-19, especially if they involve adult beverages. Even if they begin the evening with masks (costume or otherwise), people tend to relax their physical distancing and remove face coverings when they come together.

     When planning for Halloween this year, Contra Costa residents can play it safe from COVID-19 by emphasizing the parts of the holiday that do not involve getting too close to other people.

     Dressing up in costume can still be fun even if you choose not to go out. A remote costume party by Zoom or Skype can also provide an opportunity to share with friends or family.

     Decorating the yard or front of the house helps stage the whole neighborhood for drive-through parades and COVID-safe visits from neighbors and families looking for the familiar sights and feel of the holiday.

     CCHS also encourages county residents to check with their community recreation departments about organized, safe Halloween activities. Health Services is already in touch with some local cities about how to best plan low-risk community activities.

     Visit for more information about the local impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and for health tips to reduce the risk to you and your family.

New Census Deadline: Response Required

     The U.S. Census Bureau has moved the deadline to complete the 2020 Census forward to September 30, due to the pandemic and its effect on census operations.
     Everyone living in the United States is required by law to participate in the U.S. Census, and the Census Bureau is also required by law to protect your answers. The information you share with the U.S. Census Bureau cannot be used against you. The U.S. Census is safe, secure, and confidential, and the questionnaire will take about ten minutes to complete.
     Complete your census response here: English  |  Spanish
     Your response helps to direct billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities for schools, roads, and other public services. Results from the 2020 Census will also be used to determine the number of seats each state has in Congress and your political representation at all levels of government.

Austin Breidenthal
Communications Specialist
Mt. Diablo Unified School District

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